Geoffrey Goodsell, 13 Levetts Lane

The village Cicket Club is at home to Etchingham on May 26, start of play is 2pm. The club go on a tour of north Sussex.

I went to work the other day at about 1am and it was very dark and very cold and not a happy man. I could hear horses on the main road, and people say to me you have lost it, Geoff. I felt this was right, but you must go on. When I met the other man I work with, he said ‘Geoff, I can hear horses on the road’. I felt OK and will not have to see the doctor. It was three horses that had got out and are now safe and I have not lost it.

The date of the next East Sussex Library service will be May 30 from about 3pm to 3.25pm at Levetts Lane.

As we all know the National Trust is hosting the Inland Waterways Association Trailboat Rally on Saturday May 25 to Monday bank holiday but the village can come to the rally on May 25 5.30 - 9.30pm, and you will get, as I read on the invite, free food, free live music from a local band, free entry to the castle between 5.30 and 8pm and a pay bar. During the evening some people have asked why cannot the trailboat rally take place on the castle moat. The fish would not like it, the place to be is the Rother.

The villagers will be only too happy to know that at the Parish Council AGM, Geoffrey Goodsell was reelected as chairman, with Mrs Napier and vice-chairlady.