Some time ago I said that Phyllis Landels is to write a book about her life. Phyllis is not about half way with it and the name will be The Wild One. Phyllis had a very good holiday in Scotland, that is how she got the name, as Scotland can be wild but a nice place to go. She will make a donation from the book to St Giles Church, Bodiam.

The cricket club are at home to Sedlescombe on July 13 with a start of 2.30pm.

How very right our vicar Gordon was in his letter in the parish news. Is it really right about ways of communications like emails, texts and phone calls? I know of an organisation who do love emails, texts, phone calls and hides behind them and not a lot of face-to-face presence that would help them. I have a new mobile phone and a new landline, but I hope I do not hide behind them. Face-to-face must be the best way.

Geoffrey Goodsell

13 Levetts Lane