A moving read: The mobile library will be in Levetts lane on December 11 from 3.05 - 3.25pm.

Reporting missed bin collections: I am sure all of Bodiam had the rubbish and recycling collection calendar for 2015. I’m sure some people aren’t happy about missed bin collections between Christmas and news year. They are asked to report them online. What do people do if they are not online?

Parish Council meeting: The next meeting of the parish council will be on December 8 at 1pm in the Parish Room.

Christmas Fair: Bodiam primary school has a Christmas fair today (December 5) at 3.15pm in the school hall and on December 10 at 10.45pm. There is a nativity performance in St Giles and on December 11 a second performance takes place at 5.30pm.

Geoffrey Goodsell

13 Levetts Lane