Castle: Bodiam Castle car park head Colin Salisbury is to move away from Sussex after ten years good service to the National Trust. William at the Castle said of Colin ‘he is just an all-round good member of staff.

Colin is to have a farewell party at the Castle Inn on Sunday March 22 at 5pm and would like to see all his many friends.

Theft: Sorry to hear about the mum of Pam Marsh, who is in her early nineties. She had over £500 taken from her bag.

The mindless idiot must have something wrong with him. It beggars belief and sickens me.

Parish News: Subscriptions are now due for the Parish News. Bodiam subscribers should return their forms and payment of £5/£2 to their distributor. Cheques should be payable to Ewhurst Parish Council.

Organ playing: As St Giles don’t have an organist, the organ needs to be exercised and played regularly.

This is a big chance to fulfil the dream you have always had.

Guinness Lunch: My thanks to Phyllis Landers for the report of the annual Guinness Lunch at the Castle Inn. Once again we met up with friends for a lovely meal. Thank you to Wendy and all the staff at the Castle Inn.

Church: The Easter services at St Giles are at 11.15am on Good Friday. Easter Day will be Easter Communion, also at 11.15am. Gordon, the vicar of Bodiam, will take the services.

Levetts Lane inspection: Today (March 20) Amicus Horizon will do the estate inspection of Levetts Lane at 3pm.

Geoffrey Goodsell

13 Levetts Lane