Mobile Library: The Mobile Library comes to Levetts Lane on the 2nd April from 11.45 to 12.15 pm.

The Parish News: The Parish News welcome all contributions to the new look magazine, as the Vicar of Bodiam said in his letter “It is refreshed and revitalised” and if anyone would like to make a contribution, you do not have to be as good as the Village Voice in that great paper Rye/Battle Observer, contact Liz Moore for more information her phone number is 01580 752052 and will be only too happy to help.

Election Day: Bodiam do go and vote on the 7th May from 7am to 10pm our political system can sometimes not be the best but I am sure some other countries would like what we have. So please vote, if we don’t we cannot complain.

Tea and Cake Chat: Run by the Bodiam Community Friends was good it was also good to see some old friends of Bodiam and to have some songs from the children of our Bodiam Church of England Primary School.

More details soon of the next Tea and Cake Chat.

Apologies: My apologies to Pam Marsh, the other week I said her Mum had over £500 taken but it was a lesser amount, I still feel that the mindless idiot has something wrong with him to take from a lady who is in her early nineties.

Geoffrey Goodsell

13 Levetts Lane