We all like good news: so it was great to be told that the Sunday and Bank Holidays 349 bus service will go on until September 2019 and Stagecoach will take a look at the service like they do for other services. A few people have put a lot of work into this Sunday/Ban Holiday service and we now look to people to support this service more and more.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 7:00 am

After a few happy years: at Bodiam Castle National Trust, Pauline Wall, the General Manager, has left. This has been on the cards for some time. A new manager is in place - a lady. So we all look forward to seeing her running around Bodiam and to have talks with all the people in Bodiam about the castle and the Parish Council.

I must be mad: I said in a past Village Voice that the free electric blanket testing at Bohemia Fire Station, Hastings, is free to everyone who has a bus pass. That is not right - it is free to everyone if you have a bus pass or not.

It was good to hear: from a resident in the village that an appointment was made at the Conquest Hospital, but the resident could not keep it, so phoned up fo a new time and date. The resident has the new time and date, but when the new appointment was made the resident was asked ‘is that OK as I can see you have to come from Bodiam?’

The department was a great help. Just a few well chosen words can go a long way.