Bodiam Village Choice

CLAREMONT Senior School at Bodiam is to hold an open morning on October 13. For more information phone 01580 830396.

This year the Castle Inn bonfire night is on November 16 at 6.30pm.

For more information on this big night for Bodiam, phone 01580 830330.

The Macmillan Cancer Support coffee afternoon made £167. Many thanks to all for support on the day and before.

We are all sorry for Gordon, out vicar. It looks like it could be Justin, John or Graham for the new Archbishop of Canterbury. But still Gordon, what would you do with all the rooms at your palace? Perhaps let them out to people who do not have a home.

At last, after many years, UK Power Networks have put in some work for upgrading the electricity network serving Bodiam, also essential maintenance work. Lets hope it will all work. Bodiam has had too many power cuts and we all hope this will stop. A big thank you must go to the Parish Council for all the work members have put in to get UK Power Networks to do the work.

Next date and time for the mobile library to come to Levetts Lane is October 25 from 3.05pm to 3.30pm.

Bodiam Church of England reception intake for 2013 - Next opening morning is on October 15, 9.30-11am. No need to phone just pop in and receive a warm welcome.

Geoffrey Goodsell, 13 Levetts Lane