Bodiam Village Voice

Geoffrey Goodsell, Levetts Lane, Bodiam.

The Mongol Rally launch took place at Bodiam Castle at the weekend. It is run by award winning organisation Adventuris, which runs several charity events.

This is an event where small inadequate cars drive from the UK to Ulaanbaatar,

The next parish council meeting takes place on Monday July 22 in the Parish Room at 7pm. The public and press are welcome to attend.

The Cricket Club’s next fixture is on July 21 and the club take on Sevenoaks Weald at home with a 2pm start.

A local retired GP in the village did say to the chairman of the parish council, who I know very well, that he might get him a chain of office but as yet the chairman has not had it.

The chairman would not put it on but it would be at every meeting on the table. I am sure the village knows who the chairman is and what the chairman is but he would still like one.

I do sometimes go to events and do not feel very welcome but I went to St Giles Church coffee morning and everyone seemed very happy. Perhaps they had won the lottery but I must say to Gordon the vicar you did not pick my ticket out of the raffle. I must talk to the Bishop about this but I still had some very nice cake.