Bodiam Village Voice

I saw Paul Barnett the other day and he asked me how the people of Bodiam are (not many of the old ones left). Paul was part of the big Barnett family with a home in Levetts Lane for many years. Paul is now head postman, who takes in a lot of rounds. And with Paul, the post is not late. He did play football for some time but his best sport is cricket.

The village cricket club are at home to Clive Vale with a start of 2.30pm on June 22.

What a poorly publicised closure of the Sandhurst to Bodiam Road by KCC. Bodiam Parish Council did not know, Sandhurst Parish Council did not know until June 6, with work to start on June 9. Stagecoach, I am told, did not know about the closure. And road signs - one was put up be Bodiam Church of England Primary School to tell people that the road to Bodiam was closed. This sign was put in the right place by me on the Bodiam to Sandhurst Road. In fact Bodiam was open for business all the time. This is yet one more failure to communicate with members of the public by KCC.

Bodiam Parish Council meets on June 24 at 7pm in the Parish Room. Most of the time the council meets on a Monday, but this time it is a Tuesday.

It is my sister’s big day on June 23. It is her birthday. As I have said before Sandra has, in so many ways, supported me and still is on hand for me when life is not fair. Have a good day Sandra on June 23.

Congratulations must go to Ben Blanch from Levetts Lane, who is a football player for Sandhurst Football Club on winning the manager’s player of the year at the annual dinner and presentation evening.

The Bodiam Community Friends meeting takes place on June 25, 6pm at the Castle Inn, Bodiam.