Body cameras get vital evidence

POLICE Crime Commissioner candidate Godfrey Daniel has pledged to ensure police are equipped with body cameras on their uniforms.

The Labour candidate said: ““We need to build on the successes of the recent pilot scheme where some officers have been wearing small video cameras to help gather evidence at incidents they attend. These can capture conversations and actions that take place and the footage can then be used to prove or disprove what has happened and can be used as evidence in court.

“In my view, such equipment is particularly vital during domestic abuse investigations, as victims are often reluctant to give evidence in court, and the recording will help to achieve both convictions and justice for the victims.

“This is because the evidence captured on body worn video can prove incredibly compelling in showing the behaviour of the offender at the time of the incident, the fear and distress of the victim, and tragically in some cases the effect on children who have witnessed abuse.

“Body worn video will also help to resolve other issues eg where complaints are made about police behaviour, and will help to give the public more confidence in policing. It is important that we use technological advances to improve policing.

“When I am the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, I want to see all operational police to be equipped with body worn videos.”

Elections for the new role of Commissioner take place on November 15