Body has concerns over childcare costs in the rural areas

Childcare costs SUS-140513-105211001
Childcare costs SUS-140513-105211001

THOSE living in rural areas are having to pay more for their childcare costs according to a new report.

The Rural Services network says it is concerned that families are being priced out of the countryside.

Responding to findings that rural families pay £600 more per year in childcare costs than their urban counterparts, Rural Services Network chief executive Graham Biggs said: “The cost of living is rapidly becoming unaffordable for young families in the countryside.

“Rural residents already pay more council tax in return for fewer services than their urban counterparts due to much less government funding.

“People already have to travel further in the countryside to access vital services - including nurseries, schools and healthcare - than they do in our larger towns and cities.

“Coupled with a lack of affordable rural housing, this latest study is further evidence that suggests families and their children are being priced out of the countryside.”

The Countryside Living Index report compares quality of life in rural and urban locations and includes an audit of childcare costs.

The average prices for weekly care of an infant are 6.3% higher in rural areas.