Brede farm holds courses for lambing during March


NESTLED in the Brede Valley more than 2,000 lambs will be born at Hare Farm this spring.

Now for the first time the farm is running lambing workshops suitable for not only sheep keepers and enthusiasts but also those looking for something different.

You can even stay on the farm and sleep in an authentic shepherd’s hut.

The workshops promise participants hands-on experience of being a shepherd during the most challenging and rewarding times of year,.

They will be joining the lambing team for the day or evening and learning what is needed to safely care for the mothers and their newborns.

As well as listening and observing the goings-on, all willing participants will take on some of the many stock tasks including helping with births, fostering and feeding.

They can also take a peek into the lambing sheds and bottle-feed.

In Victorian times, shepherds would base themselves in a shepherd’s hut during lambing season, pulling it from field to field to be close to their flocks.

At Hare Farm you can live like a shepherd by staying in the shepherd’s hut overnight, recently built by Dorset-based Plankbridge Hutmakers. There is also the option of staying in an oast house on the farm.

Lambing season extends from March 10 until end April.

Workshops take place on Wednesday March 12 from – 10pm; Monday March 20 from 10am - 4pm and Thursday March 24 from 10am - 4pm. The March 10 course is £50 a person and the other two courses are £90 a person to include lunch and refreshments. To book call Joanna on07802 979348 or visit