Buckswood gains Food for Life award

CATERING staff at Gustling’s Buckswood School are celebrating after gaining a bronze award from the Food for Life Partnership.

Head Chef Fred Bramble commented: “This is a tremendous accolade for the school. I lead a brigade of chefs who are committed to the highest standards of food hygiene and preparation.”

Officials have invited Buckswood to go one stage further and aim for the silver and gold awards and have urged the school to celebrate its success.

In order to gain an award Partnership officials must be satisfied that schools serve seasonal school meals that are at least 75 percent freshly prepared by a well-trained school cook.

Mr. Bramble went on to extol the virtues of table service, a unique feature of the family atmosphere at Buckswood.

“Our students are served by a head of table in the old-fashioned manner,” he said, “we don’t have endless queues of children waiting to have scoops of mashed potato slapped onto their plates.”

The school is currently in the process of planting its own vineyard.

Teachers in the science department have been actively supporting the kitchen staff in educating its students in every aspect of healthy eating. “Every pupil has the opportunity to visit a farm during his or her time at school,” said science teacher Mrs Kat Bryer, “and opportunities are given for cooking and food growing activities at school.”

Pictured: Head chef Fred Bramble and science teacher Kat Bryer show off the award.