Burwash village voice

Tonight is quiz night at the Burwash Common Pavilion. teams of six are invited to attend, at £2 per person, with fees being given as prizes. To enter a team and for more details, please call Karol Richardson on 01435 883318.

Well done to Laura Carver & Gary Tovey who were among the those lucky enough to be chosen as the first to run round the Olympic Park and track, last Sunday. What a wonderful experience for them both, and how proud were their families. Both finished the race in very respectable times. Laura in 39.25 and Gary in 50.42. Me? I would still be out there!! Laura’s next outing will be the London Marathon, not competing this time but to support her brother Chris.

Have you got your tickets for tomoorows comedy opera, Nellie Pasta Opera cocktail. it is being held at the Burwash Village hall from 8pm. Starring Nola Rae MBE and Michael Popper who come together for this very special comic evening. Tickets are £5, available from the Burwash Newsagents. Good luck to them both for a successful performance.

The burwash Ladies group certainly have some interesting talks. They will meet again on Wednesday at the Burwash village hall from 2.15pm, when they will be entertained by Mrs Parfitt King with tales of Life on the canals. This lively group would welcome you to join them, age is of no consequence. The meetings always end with tea and a raflle. They have an outing each month, the next one is on 25th april to Bates Green, Arlington.

The Burwash Parish Council invite you to the annual parish assemble, which is being held on Thursday at the village hall, from 7pm. This is your chance to meet the members of the Burwash parish council, hear how things are in the three villages of Burwash, Burwash Weald and Burwash Common. All members of the public are invited.

A special fund raising event has been organised to help raise funds for our celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee. There will be an auction of promises on friday 20th April at the Bear Motel at 7.30pm. They already have some fantastic offers of lots, but would be delighted to receive more. Anything from the spectacular to the simple would be welcome. If you have an idea that would help to bring in some much needed funds call Eddie workman on 01435 882528 or email Rod Clifton, r.clifton@gmx.co.uk

The St Bartholomew’s church flower Guild will be will be decorating the Church for Easter on Saturday morning. As always they would like to have lots of lilies, and would be grateful for any offers to help with the cost of these, in memory of a loved one, or just to help. Also if anyone would like to help with the decorating they should call Diana Workman on 01435 882528, who will also be able to accept your donations or they can be given to the Rector.

Mary Taylor, Holton Cottages