Business rates force closure of lingerie shop

KnickKnicks, Battle. SUS-140809-115559001
KnickKnicks, Battle. SUS-140809-115559001

SOARING business rates have been blamed for the closure of a Battle lingerie shop.

Businesswoman Heidi Carlsen opened Knickknicks in Old Ladies Court three years ago, with her undergarments providing much welcome support to the ladies of Battle.

But after recently taking over Battle Beauty, Heidi could no longer afford to keep her first business going and Knickknicks closed its doors for the final time earlier this month.

Heidi told the Observer: “Knickknicks is no more.

“It simply wasn’t financially viable to keep it going.

“Now that I own Battle Beauty as well, I got hit with business rates for both shops where before I paid nothing at all and with Knickknicks struggling, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

“I hugely enjoyed my three years in Old Ladies Court and met some wonderful ladies whom I have hopefully left better ‘supported’!”

But Heidi added: “It’s actually a real shame that there isn’t a mechanism in place to support small business owners who wish to ‘expand’.

“Taking on a second business could make the difference for our depleted High Streets, but an extra £350 per month in business rates is a substantial amount for any small business owner.”

But despite being forced to close Knickknicks, Heidi is looking forward to her new role in the salon.

She said: “However, I am very positive and enthusiastic about Battle Beauty.

“I have made some changes since I took over and it is doing very well.

“I currently have two highly qualified therapists working at the salon but unfortunately by closing Knickknicks I made myself unemployed!

“Expect to find me on reception duties and later, when I have had training, painting nails in the salon.

“It is a new beginning!”