A proven marketing model – new to Hastings!

thebestofhastings SUS-140309-112153001
thebestofhastings SUS-140309-112153001

The Background: there’s something about this seaside town that keeps drawing me back: twice, in a combined period of six years, I led the Lloyds Bank commercial team in Hastings and last year was one of the most enjoyable, working on secondment from the Bank with Business in the Community.

To have an opportunity to leave the Bank after a lifetime to many, and start my own business, combining skill sets that I’ve built during the last two decades, is a dream come true!

The proposition: ‘thebestof…’ is a proven model about continuous proactive marketing – the franchise is 10 years old and operates in some 300 towns and cities across the UK and beyond.

There are franchisees in Australia and I completed my induction training in July with the master franchisees for Ireland! ‘thebestof…’ offers a range of fully integrated marketing solutions to help businesses build their brand, generating greater local exposure, while creating and cementing connections between both businesses and the community.

The model: this used to be a website business – now it’s a business with a website and a very good one at that! Not just anyone can become a member of ‘thebestof…’ – the clue is in the name!

We’re looking for the best Hastings based businesses; those that already have an appreciation of the importance of marketing… Upon joining, you’ll have access to a range of offers from other like-minded businesses not to mention the complete suite of fantastic marketing tools at your disposal; the more you take advantage of them, the more exposure you’ll get!

It’s a bit like joining a Gym: of course, they’ll take your money but unless you put the effort in, you’ll never get fit! It’s the same with ‘thebestof…’ – membership will take effort and commitment but it’ll be worth it in the end.

The community: of course, for many businesses in Hastings, and anywhere else for that matter, building a good relationship with the community is vital!

You can’t buy good ‘word of mouth’, which is why ‘thebestof…’ offers the general public the opportunity to share their experiences of good customer service and value for money from any local business on ‘thebestof…’ website – it’s dead easy to leave a review on our home page www.thebestof.co.uk/hastings - tell us in 75 characters or more why you think that you’ve enjoyed the best curry ever at your local Indian restaurant; or how helpful was the plumber who installed your new bathroom; or maybe you’ve used the same hairdresser for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Tell us about your event: not only do we want to encourage good business reviews, ‘thebestof…’ also provides a platform to publicise any local event for free! Anything ranging from the local Brownie fete to a production at say, St Mary-in-the-Castle whether it’s free to attend or there’s a ticket price, ‘thebestof…’ website can showcase your event.

Again, it’s really simple to upload an event to the site. Add as much information as you can and it’s especially helpful if you upload an image too!

So, in summary, there’s something for everyone at ‘thebestof…’ – please do ‘like’ our Facebook page: f /thebestofHastings or ‘follow’ on twitter at @TN34Connector, or you can call on 01424 793449 to chat through any aspect of ‘thebestofHastings’.