Rye chef launches petition to beat tax cheats

Dev Biswal, chef patron of The Ambrette in Rye, has started an online petition urging the government to clamp down on what he claims is the endemic tax evasion taking place in the catering sector.

He believes the widespread evasion is robbing the government of much need ed money to spend on schools, state pensions, the NHS, housing and sea defences etc.

He says: “Tax cheats are able to undercut honest, law abiding businesses. Bosses paying low-paid staff in cash encourage their employees to claim to which they are not entitled.

“Enormous quantities of undeclared cash are taken abroad for overseas property investment, robbing the UK economy of much needed capital for growth and job creation.”

He is also urging diners to pay by card, when they eat out, to help prevent tax evasion.