The safety buck stops with you

Clearwater Safety Solutions SUS-150203-111921001
Clearwater Safety Solutions SUS-150203-111921001

As a follow up to last month’s information about the impending changes to the CDM rules, this is further detail on Client responsibilities.

There are two types of Client – Domestic and Commercial.

The Domestic client is a private householder having work done on his own property for his own use;

The Commercial client is a person or business having works done for commercial gain. Under the new Regulations the Domestic client has no duties under health and safety at work law, just a general duty not to cause a hazard.

The Commercial client however will be responsible for everything that happens on the project from the design to handover.

On a commercial project the Client will need to appoint his Principal Designer (PD) to oversee the pre-start phase. He (the Client) will then have to supply the PD with all the information he needs to write the Pre Start Information Plan to give to the newly appointed Principal Contractor (PC). The PC will then have to write his Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan for the Client to approve as being suitable.

So the Client has duties to provide information then check that the information given back is adequate, even though he may not have any knowledge of health and safety – or even building.

So what every Commercial Client must do is to ask his PD if he has experience of being a safety advisor or a CDM Coordinator. If not you will need to find one to guide and advise you. Remember YOU are responsible for the project.

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