Trading Standards Information and Advice: Watch out for iPad Scam

Consumers are being misled into paying for ipads online that arrive either broken, un-usable or in some cases don’t arrive at all.

Consumers from Brighton and Hove who have expressed an interest in the dirt-cheap ipads have been asked to meet in the street or in a pub to buy them for as little as £300 to then find out they have been given boxes containing broken equipment or nothing at all.

Inspector Bill Whitehead said: “The iPad is completely wrapped up. “The iPad itself is either a second hand one that doesn’t work, or some of them have got water gel inside the packet so they feel heavy.”

“If you have bought something brand new off somebody in the street, the chances are something is not right.”

So far four people have reported the scam however one buyer got his money back after questioning the seller and asking for a receipt.

Police are warning consumers to buy items like these from a reputable dealer whilst the Trading Standards Message remains; “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”.