Call for a sensible rsponse to light plan

RYE county councillor Keith Glazier has defended plans to reduce the level of street lighting in Rye.

Cllr Glazier said: “I am stirred to put right duff information by others who should know better.

“There are two key drivers for the consultation on changing the lighting arrangements.

First we are rightly charged with reducing our carbon footprint and are taking many measures including these to do this.

Secondly we have to manage reducing resources and deliver services to the most vulnerable at a cost that people can afford.

“What evidence is there is for the statement “it does appear doubtful whether ESCC will take on board these concerns”. This consultation will be the ninth town that we have rolled this out to and in every case the consultation has been very inclusive and many residents, the police and other councils have had there views listened too resulting in different solutions.

There is no evidence that crime has increased after these measures have been introduced. The County continue to look at alternative types of lighting and use the LED and other modern solutions and will use as and when appropriate.

I would like to see the solution to carbon reduction and savings that Cllr Bantick will be putting forward or will it once again be scaremongering, criticism and objection rather than looking to a sensible resolution. Can I urge residents to get involved in the January consultation. I’m confident there are opportunities that will have no negative effect on the residents or visitors.