Call for speed cut on Rye Harbour danger road

RYE councillors have said that reducing the speed limit to 40mph close to the junction of the busy Rye Harbour Road does not go far enough.

Concerns have been raised about pedestrian and cyclists on the twisting stretch of road near Brede Sluice and Rye Paddock.

Other stretches of the road have a cycle and pedestrian path following a long campaign some years ago when a Rye cyclist was hit and killed by a car.

Currently the road is governed buy the national speed limit.

East Sussex County Council’s highways department have proposed introducing a 40mph limit on the first 420 metres of the road from the junction with the A259.

But Rye Mayor, Cllr Shaun Rogers said: “To reduce the limit to 30mph would be better then bring it back up to 40mph when there is a cycle and pedestrian path in place.”

Cllr Bernardine Fiddimore, who chairs Rye Council’s planning committee, said: “I do not se why any motorists should be going down that road at the national speed limit.

The Harbour Road runs through the main industrial and commercial site of the Rye area, with a chemical plant and two business parks.

Traffic along the road can be heavy and is often comprised of large vehicles.

Work started on a cycle path way back in 2007 but the path still does not run the entire length of the road.

Rye man Graham Mathews, 22, died in August 2004 after his bike was hit by a car as he cycled along Rye Harbour Road, in Rye, with his partner’s young son.

Graham’s father Brian, who led the campaign, said at the time: “That road is so dangerous. I do not want another family to go through what we have.”

Rye’s planning committee said it would back a 40mph reduction over no reduction but stressed that 30mph wa preferred.