Calls to move re-enactment to Crowhurst

A GROUP of villagers are calling for the Battle of Hastings re-enactment to be moved to Crowhurst.

Last month English Heritage revealed it would not hold the annual re-enactment this year after the 1066 battlefield was left a muddy mess by the 2012 event. The field is to be re-seeded at a cost of £50,000.

But a group called the Crowhurst 1066 Association is asking English Heritage if October’s re-enactment could instead take place in the village - where they claim the historic clash really took place.

Brian Basham, from the association, is seeking a meeting with English Heritage to discuss the possibility of moving the event from Battle.

He said: “We are very, very keen to bring the re-enactment to Crowhurst, especially given the compelling new evidence that has emerged that points to Upper Wilting in Crowhurst as the site of William’s invasion landing.”

An English Heritage spokesperson said: “Although there will be no re-enactment this year, we will mark the Battle of Hastings with a special event over the anniversary weekend in October. Our focus will be on making that event a success. At present, the existing evidence suggests that the current site associated with the Battle of Hastings is the correct one. English Heritage has received an application to consider amending the location of the Battle of Hastings, which is a registered battlefield. This is currently being considered and if there is a compelling case that the registered battlefield merits amendment then English Heritage will respond accordingly. English Heritage takes very seriously the accuracy of identifying a reliable area for protection of any battlefield but with a site as important as Hastings this is especially true.”