Calls to repair Pett bench at Chick Hill

THE Pett community are being asked to help save a public bench at Chick Hill which faces being removed.

Pett Parish Council decided it did not have funds to repair or replace the Silver Jubilee Memorial Bench when it met in February and instructed that it be removed.

Parish councillor Judith Dean said: “The bench has been in a poor condition for some time.

“The concrete supports are broken and although it is propped together, I don’t think it would pass any health and safety checks.

“I live in fear of seeing some unsuspecting user dumped on the floor with a chunk of concrete on their foot.

“I want to appeal to the community to see if anyone is willing to repair the bench.

The seat is sound. All it needs is two strong uprights firmly dug into the ground and the top secured.

“I don’t have the technical know-how but I am willing to help.

“If you think you can help restore the bench and earn the gratitude of all those who walk and cycle up Chick Hill then please let me know.”

Cllr Judith Dean can be contacted on 01424 812249.