Church News: The service in Camber was led by Rev Helen Patten .Helen does a terrific job, but truth to tell everyone is enchanted (as usual) by her lovely guide dog Ingle. Helen is quite used to the attention her beloved Ingle attracts, so these comments won,t come as a surprise to her.

From a charity perspective October is “Shoebox “ month , Every year there is the opportunity to fill ordinary sized shoeboxes with specific items , decorate the shoebox with Christmas paper and give it in to the Camber Church by the latest date of 28th October .The boxes will then be taken down to St Marys Rye before being shipped to countries in Eastern Europe. These boxes go to families go to families living in severe poverty and are often the only gifts that they receive, This time for the first time you can chose whether you fill a box for a family or for one for an elderly person. If you are interested in making a contribution you can ring Jean Pickering on 01797 458516, she has all of the details and can make sure you get it right. Its all organised very specifically so that the boxes pass through customs procedures easily.

Celebrations at the church on Sunday, The Lomath family are bringing their newest member , Jack for baptism .This will be during the usual morning communion service starting at 10.30am. The icing on the cake is that our own Dear Rev Lucy will be coming back to lead the service.

Camber country folk are back from their holiday in Cornwall and Terry tells me that they had a fantastic time . The accomodation at the hotel was great as well as the food and entertainment.

They are now getting ready for their next offering of country which will be on Saturday 20th October and the artist will be Brendan Grant also a favourite with the group.

Dans Diary: Damage occurred this week at the toilets in the central car park, Toilet roll holders were kicked off the walls as well as well as other damage that was called , this damage is disgusting, enquiries are continuing and CCTV of the car park is being examined to identify time of the incident and possible suspects. I have also received complaints about youngsters running around whitesands and knocking on doors . I am continuing patrols of the village and working with residents.

Please if you have any issues of concern contact me on 077961 995 639 if no answer leave a message and Ill get back to you

Dan Bevan Police Community Support Officer.

Remember that I am always on the lookout for good news or stories about whats happened in the village ,If you have anything non commercial drop a note through my letter box or email me at

Chris Avery, 35 Denham Way