Chris Avery,
35 Denham Way

There was a special service at Camber Church last Sunday on two counts. Rev Lucy came back to take the service when Jack Lomath, 5 months old was baptised It was a real pleasure to have Rev Lucy back for what is likely to be the final time. Julie and John with Jacks brothers and sisters brought many friends and family with them to witness Jacks baptism.

She looked after us all for more than 10 years when she was our priest so there was a lot of catching up to do, Jack behaved impeccably when he had a surprising hair wash ! He just took it in his stride just looking at everyone with great big unblinking eyes, he was a delight.

This Sundays service will be taken by Rev Richard . He’s been so often now, he’s part of the church family. The service is at 10.30am and everyone is welcome. There is a cuppa after wards if you have time.

Sorry but news is short this week, hopefully next week we will have some more.

But please if you have any items of interest let me know or drop a note through my letterbox.