Chris Avery, 35 Denham Way

There is a Parish Communion in the church on Sunday at 10.30am where you will be made most welcome & there is a cuppa after the service if you have time.

There will be a Christmas Fete in the Thomas Longley Hall on Saturday Ist December at 2pm with stalls fun and games including a lucky dip, raffle, books, face painting,bric-a - brac , home made produce and more. Refreshment will be available. Its all to help swell the coffers of the church, there is always a need.

The next day on Sunday 2nd Dec at 5.30pm in the church there is an Advent Service, This is a first for Camber Church , It is not a carol service Larri tells me, the focus is on the anticipation of the expectation of Jesus birth. It will be a special service and lots of preparation has gone into it.

Jean Pickering who looks after the church choir has been working with the members and her husband Rev Malcolm will lead the service, see if you can find to attend. It will be worth the effort.

To make sure you don’t mix up this service with the carol service, The carol service will take place on the 23rd December. I’ll let you have more details as soon as I am given them.

Trish from Camber Residents Association asked me once again to post this notice .

Camber Residents Association, Afternoon Tea for Senior Citizens of Camber will be on 30th November 2012 at the Camber Castle Pub 2.00pm - 4.00pm .

You must ring Trish on 01797 224403 to book your seat Before Monday 26th November, Sorry but if you do not book you will not be catered for.

You may have noticed the large gathering of American classic cars from 1950s in the village over the weekend , these and many other vintage cars as well as custom models were part of the Rhythm Riot Weekend which is held at Pontins, this and the rockabilly weekend which is in the summer time both are regular each year, the cars and pick ups have proved to be really popular for those of us that want to take photos. There are 50s hair salons and stylists, which they bring as well as rockabilly and jive D.Js

The Rythm Riot weekend attracts people from all over the globe, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, Spain, Italy, even America, and even Australia are some to mention.

I was speaking to a young lady named Gerlinde from Germany on Monday who was with a group just waiting to board their coaches for home and she was telling me that there was 3,000 present some of the chaps that they call the grandads were rocking and jiving in their 70s and 80s so there is hope for us all.

Don’t forget if you have anything of interest that I could use in the Voice please contact me or post a note through my door