Chris Avery, 35 Denham Way

For those of you that have pencilled in their diaries the 2nd of December for the Advent Praise at the church the starting time is at 5.00pm and not as stated in last weeks voice 5.30pm,

I would also like to remind you that there will be light refreshments after the ceremony and all are welcome.

The Christmas fete takes place in the Thomas Longley hall on Saturday 1st December from 2.0pm there is plenty of fun to be had and many stalls with goodies on them.

Terry Hovenden and the members of the Memorial Hall comittee wish to thank the Parish Council for the donation of the bass broom and shovel that they provided after his request, to enable him to clear the access paths to the hall and to the doctors surgery should there be snow.

Terry would like you to know that he has had to increase the rents for all clubs that use the hall, the reason being he tells me is that the Parish Council no longer makes any monetary donation towards the upkeep of the village hall.

Terry is very sorry he has to do this , It is a good time to point out that all of the work that Terry does is voluntary he spends at least 5 hours each weekend cleaning the hall and opening up the doctors surgery, the latter to save expenditure on a cleaner. Nether-the-less I am sure you will agree that Terry does a very fine job.

Camber Country was a great success 60 people attended to be entertained by Johnie Marks from Ireland.

The next offering from Camber Country is December 15th when it is their Christmas Party and Struck It Rich will perform for the last time at CC as they are retiring from touring.

New Years eve party will be the ever popular Ron and Ash a favourite with the members

For information and tickets contact Terry on 226887 or Pete on 225250.

If you have any items of news or other tit bits do not hesitate in contacting me at or drop a note through my letterbox I will always be glad to hear from you.