Trich Lock

16 Pelwood Road

Good morning Camber

there was much ado at Camber Church at the beginning of the month when Nancy Watts and Joe Holmes were married.

As Nancy and Joe are very much a part of the congregation at the church there was much anticipation of the event as everyone had watched their friendship blossom and move slowly but surely towards this commitment. The former Vicar of Camber Rev Lucy Murdoch presided over this very special celebration.the church committee had prepared a celebration for everyone present in the church before the new Mr and Mrs Holmes went off with their family to their reception.their wedding cake was made by Doreen and Mary and it was gorgeous it was a very happy occasion and we wish Nancy and Joe much fun and happiness in their lives together.

The church services continue to be held every Sunday at 10-30am. Eucharist is always celebrated and all are welcome.refreshments are available after the service. a reminder if anyone would like to go into the Church during the daytime it is usually open.

Camber film Club - the film for July is Quartet, starring Maggie Smith-Tom Courtney and Billy Connolly. The club meetson the second Friday of the month. Doors open at 7pm.

Village Hall chairman Terry would like to thank the mean minded person that went into the doctors’ surgery and stole a cut glass vase and all the artificial flowers which are placed there for the enjoyment of waiting patients. This matter has been reported.

Camber Country and Western - the next get together will be on July 20 with music by Homer. Come along and have a great night out. 8pm-11.30. for more info ring Pete on 01797-225250 or Terry on 01797-226887.

Camber Children’s Fun Day is to be held on Sunday August 18. tTis is to raise funds for after school club. There will be a variety of activities which will include tea and cakes, raffle, lucky dip, bouncy castle, jumble, hair braiding, tug of war, bonny baby competition, stocks, apple bobbing and so much more. I could feel a page. It’s from 12noon to 4pm. Come along and have some fun a great day out for the kids.

If you would like to donate a raffle prize or children’s prize for the games or if there is anything else you would like to know contact Tania Smith on 01797 1986145 or Amanda Coomber 07516725054.

If you would like me to place anything in the village voice please Trish Lock on 01797 224403 or email