Trick Lock, 16 Pelwood Road

I am starting this column on a sad note, to say good bye to my dear friend Barbara Wild, Barbara had no family as such, so her friends got together to say good bye. She was a great supporter of St Thomas’s church in Camber, and has been since the 1970’s she had three loves in her life, her God, her animals,and her friends, yes in that order, Biscuit her small but demanding cat that ruled the house with an iron fist [or should I say paw} and then there was Albert her pet seagull that knock on the sun room door every morning for his breakfast and we must not forget Nelson her one eyed toad that lived in the greenhouse. Not being a lover of small jumpy about thing put the fear of god in to me.

We do not have a vicar in Camber as yet, so the Rev David Frost stepped into help. Thank you so much David. I just wanted to say thank you to all those that came along to say god bless Barbara you’ll be missed.

Camber country on November 16th will have “SAPPHIRE” to entertain you come along and have a great night doors open at 7-30 for more info ring Terry 226887 or Pete 225250.

Church News. October is a harvest month and Camber church had a great celebration. the church looked stunning there were hops across the beams white and black fleece as well as sheaves of corn and generous contributions of produce and groceries. the following evening there was the annual harvest supper in the church hall,were the fresh produce was auctioned off this raised £270 for the food bank in hasting. Thank you to everyone that helped .There is a service every Sunday at 10.30 .on the 10th November there will be a service of remembrance for the service men and woman and their families past and present that gave their all for country and duty Rev Dick Dengate will officiate.

Residents association afternoon tea in October went very well the next one will be on the 29th November. to book a seat please ring Trish on 224403. on or before the 26th November.

If you need to contact me or 224403.