Trish Lock

16 Pelwood Road

Good morning Camber and a happy new year,I think this year I’ll start with the church news, it’s all been happening at St.Thomas’s church over Christmas, there were family services with nativity,unusually an adult nativity delivered from the perspective of the animals present with birth of Jesus so a donkey,lambs,ox,and camel and a chicken. Not sure where the chicken fits in. it was surprisingly effective, there was a wonderful moment when a small boy spontaneously got up from his seat and went to look at baby Jesus in the manger he hovered and backed off then hovered again and then went boldly forward knelt down by the crib and kissed baby Jesus. a moment not many people will forget. Services are now back to usual on Sundays at 10-30, followed by a cuppa in the hall.

After school club will be starting again on the 6th January in the Village hall primary school age 3-45-5-45 price £3.00 and £2.00 for siblings,they offer crafts,sports,cooking,games. for more info ring Sam on 07749857060.

Camber Country will be on the 18th January 2014 you will be entertained by Geoff Stephens, - 11-30pm members £7. non.member £8.for more info ring Terry on 226887 or Pete on 225250.

Camber Residents Association will be holding their first cream tea of 2014 on friday 31st January at Camber Castle Public house 2pm-4pm.if you are a senior citizen and live in Camber please ring Trish on 224403 to book a seat.

The Camber Christmas tree, what a night mulled wine flowed and lot of hot food donated by people in the village, the tree looked great and a visit from father Christmas made it perfect. thank you to everyone that worked so hard to make it a great night.

Camber decorations,thank you to all the people that decorated their homes with lots of coloured lights it made it more like Christmas then ever before. a special well done to Pelwood Road it looked great. look out Westfield we may catch you up yet.

To end with I hope you all have a wonderful 2014

If you need to contact me email or 01797-224403. Trish Lock