Camber’s coastline could disappear in 20 years

Camber Sands
Camber Sands

Camber is among the most ‘at risk areas’ for coastal erosion, according to an interactive map created by

The map predicts the speed of erosion on England’s coastline over the next 20, 50 and 100 years, with thousands of homes at risk of being lost as our coastline fades away.

Analysing ‘National coastal erosion risk mapping’ Data from the Environmental Agency, has discovered that Camber is among the towns and villages most at risk of crumbling away into the sea.

In approximately 20 years, according to the map, the beach at Camber Sands could be underwater.

In that time, approximately 40 metres of the shoreline could be lost.

In 50 years, 100 metres could be lost and in 100 years 200 metres – which includes parts of Camber – would be lost, according to the map. has predicted that if your house was to fall into the sea, the average rebuild cost for properties is currently £283,429. added: “At Camber, around 16 miles from Hastings, holiday caravans, holiday homes, and cafés are closest to the coast.

“The average house price for the local TN31 postcode is £415,446. And there are 7,095 houses in this area, which stretches into more rural towns.

“For home insurance, you’re looking at an average premium of £204.23. Yet, this is one of the areas most at risk from coastal erosion.”

Other ‘at risk areas’ include Pevensey Bay.