Camber vandals make good

FOUR boys who tore up a Camber play area causing £1,600 worth of damage have apologised and agreed to do unpaid work for the parish council.

The group, all aged 12, damaged the safety flooring of a children’s play area in Lydd Road, by tearing it up and throwing it at each other.

But instead of being charged and going to court for criminal damage, the parish council, was happy for the youngsters to be dealt with by Community Resolution.

The boys were interviewed by police officers and admitted to the offence and agreed they were happy to apologise and explain their actions at Community Resolution conference with their parents, the police and the parish council.

PC Paul Fielder, who took part in the conference, said: “The boys all talked openly and gave good, thoughtful answers when considering who had been affected by their actions and all were willing to take part in making amends for their behaviour.”

It was decided that all four boys, three who were local and one who was visiting the area from Orpington, London, should each do five hours of unpaid work at Camber Memorial Hall on a one-to-one basis with the caretaker.