Camber Village Voice

• Chris the village caretaker is to be congratulated for his efforts to clear up after a party on Johnsons Field the other day.

He collected 4 sacks of beer cans, would you believe?

He was able to dispose of them in Pontin’s wheelie bins.

It’s great that Pontin’s offers the use of these bins to Chris as otherwise he wouldn’t have anywhere to put the rubbish he collects.

• The first family service without a minister at Camber Church went off with a bang.

Between Mike Botton who led, Bill Perfitt who did the talk and James Laidler who did some nifty bits of keeping it all on track an energetic and engaging family service emerged.

Well done to everyone and to the parishioners who made a special effort to encourage the guys by being there.

Rev Richard Orchard, not a stranger to Camber will be taking the service on Sunday morning at 10.30am.

The Lent season is almost upon us. If you want to spend some time preparing for Easter, you could join a study group.

The Rev Richard will be leading a group in Camber Church at 6.30pm starting on Thursday March 1st.

The sessions will be informal and each will be a stand alone so you can pop by for one or come more often depending on your inclination.

• Camber Country went really well in spite of reduced numbers because several regulars were smitten with this bug or that one that seems to be going round at the moment.

I’m afraid I miss led you with the entertainer, it was actually Jess Stevens, an Ozzie.

It was his first visit and he went down so well that he’s been booked for next year.

It seems he has a sense of humour that was much appreciated by everyone.

If anyone wants to join Camber Country on their very good value holiday in Newquay between 8 -12 October, there are just 6 places left. It will cost £220 all in.

Terry Hovenden will give you more details or book your place. 01797 226 887.

• Terry also reports that with the renovation of the Memorial Hall, he has received a noticeable increase in regular bookings to use it.

This is good news as he has to raise a certain amount of revenue from the hire of the hall.

• The East Sussex Mobile Office won’t be in Camber this Friday, it’s having its annual overhaul. It will be back the following Friday.

• There have been problems with the Internet connections which are likely to take a bit longer to fix, so bear that in mind if you depend on it.

I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that you can have free access to a computer, free tuition and usually free access to the net between 11 - 2pm each Friday.

The van is parked on the car park of the Camber Castle Pub.

• As always, Dan our Community Police Support Officer is always ready to hear about your concerns.

He wants to make sure that we all know that if we know of someone who doesn’t clear up after their dog, let him know.

You don’t have to witness anything, just let him have the address and name if possible, and the time of day the dog is walked if you know it, and he and Rob Cass the Coastal Officer will deal with it.

It is anonymous too. You can contact him on 07796 195 639, if necessary leave him a message and he will get back to you. There’s always email of course, and you can follow him on twitter, twitter@Rye_Police

• I’m always on the lookout for good news.

You can drop a note through my letterbox or email me,

Larri Hayhurst 18b Denham Way