Camber village voice

We have now received the 2nd issue of the Camber Parish Newsletter and good reading it makes too. Chis Avery the Village Caretaker tells us that he is about to start painting the three bus shelters in the village, this will perk us all up ready for spring, he is also alerting us to the fact that there will be no smoking signs going up.

Another new sign will be one reminding us that dogs are not permitted on the Jubilee Green children’s play area. This is part of our community responsibility to keep our children safe. You may remember a few weeks ago I introduced you to Herman the friendship cake, brought into circulation by Rev Lucy. Chris reminds us of Herman, who is still resident at Baz and Lisa’s, if you’re curious contact them on 01797

223 657, they’d be pleased to pass some of him on. He is indeed a delicious cake and the children will have a whale of a time feeding him and seeing him grow. He’s good fun! We have a reminder from Trish Lock and Ann Young about the Camber Residents Association Jubilee Fete which will take place on 9 June. They need our help. Have you any unwanted Christmas gifts? They make good raffle prizes. They are also looking for books and the loan of gazebo’s. Vitally, however, they need help, help to put the stalls up and layout the field before the event starts and then help to take it down at the end of the day.Could you run a stall or help with the donkey rides? You won’t need to help the belly dancers, they can sort themselves out! There will be a tug ‘o war between the pubs and lots more. Please ring Trish , 01797 224

403 or Ann, 10797 222 474 they are pleased for any offer of support, however small. These small contributions are what will make the day a success.

The Quiz Night at Camber Church went with a swing. There were 4 teams who had a veritable wealth of knowledge between them but in the final analysis it was Barry’s Bunch who took the first prize. It must be said that the music round drove just about everyone to the end of their rope. The joint pool of knowledge from each and everyone in the competition didn’t actually amount to a lot, ah well. Sylvia Boiling and Joan Plass did a great job with an exotic cheese platter. Oh, the pickled onions. Thanks to them both, their efforts were much appreciated by everyone. The Lent Groups have gone of with a bang. If you would like to go along and see how it all works, go along to the church at 6.30pm on Thursday. Rev Richard is leading, but it all very informal and chatty. You would get a warm welcome.

Dan our Community Support Support Officer is always ready to hear your concerns. You can contact him on 077961 995 639, and leave him a message, if he doesn’t answer he’ll get back to you. He’s also available by email. His diary this week is quite brief, he attended the Royal William Square residents meeting which he felt was really useful . it was good meeting the owners of the properties. NHW is starting to get better with almost 25 members signed up in the village. He asks us to look out for our invitations and application forms coming through our letter boxes.

Last but not least and almost inevitably, dog fouling, and I quote,’my big current issue. If you own a dog, please clean up after it, you have been warned, I have received information from residents of some that don’t. The Council enforcement officers will be patrolling, if you don’t want to get fined, or worse end up in court, just please clean up.’

Remember that I am always on the lookout for good news, drop a note through my letter box or email me,

Larri Hayhurst, 18b Denham Way