Camber village voice

I have it on the good authority of Terry that Camber Country was absolutely fantastic the other week. Ron & Ash were very good and much enjoyed by everyone. 78 people attended the evening. The Camber Residents Association need more books and items for the Jubilee Fete in June. Maybe you have some unwanted Christmas gifts that could be re directed usefully? Sometimes gifts just don’t work do they? It may redeem the situation if they can be used to support a good cause and the Camber Residents Association is definitely a good cause. If you have items and can’t get them to Trish Lock, you can ring her, 01797 224 403 and arrange to have them picked up.

Terry Hovenden is going to have a table sale during the Easter weekend, 7,8,9 April, in the Memorial Hall. If you would like a table it will cost £5, ring Terry to book one, 01797 226 887. I’m giving an advance notice of the Camber Parish Council meeting on 17 April at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall. The number of villagers attending has been really low during the last few months. It ‘s important that we as villagers support our elected councillors and take an interest in the administration of our village. Put the date in your diary and go along to find out how it works, we all have a role to play. Chris Avery, the village caretaker reminds us that Ollie and his cleaning crew are back again this year tidying up litter. Ollie and lads did a great job last year, so we can only welcome them back. Chris is no longer responsible for cutting the grass in Johnson’s Field and Jubilee Green, Camber Council has contracted that part of his role out to outside contractors, so though the grass needed cutting, it wasn’t Chris’s responsibility any more. The contractors have now taken on the job.

Maybe this is the right time to thank Chris for the great job he has done over the past three years looking after our environment. As a villager, he has taken real pride and his pride in keeping us spic and span very evident. We appreciate your efforts Chris, thank you.

We have to thank Maggie at the Camber Castle pub for hosting the last of the current afternoon teas for the seniors in Camber. The catering was up to its usual high standard, sandwiches, great cakes provided by Trish Locke and Ann Young. A big thanks to all of you. It’s been a most enjoyable get together for us month by month. Thanks to the Camber Residents Association for accessing the grant making it all possible. The event ticked all the boxes, good food, tea and coffee, (alcohol if you paid for it) and good company! Maybe we can start again after the holiday season, I’ll keep you posted.

The Psalm Sunday service at Camber Church was a special service, launching us into the Easter week services. Regrettably our donkey couldn’t make itself available to us as it had prior commitments. Next year hopefully. There is still time to ask Mike 01797 227 373, or James 01797 222 437, about having an Easter lily in church on Easter day in remembrance of your loved one. Give either of them a ring and they will sort it out for you. There is a Good Friday Service at 2pm on Friday 6 March, a Service of Light on Saturday 7 March at 8pm and probably the most important service of the Christian year, the Easter Sunday service at 10.30am on 8 March. You are warmly invited to any of the services.

Remember the contact details for Dan Bevan our Community Police Support Officer, he’s always ready to hear your concerns. You can ring him on 07796 195 639. Leave a message if he doesn’t take the call and he’ll get back to you. You can email him, and follow him on twitter @Rye_Police, he’s off on a course at the moment, so he can’t send us his diary in time for the deadline!

I am looking for good news, drop me a note or email me,

Larri Hayhurst, 18b Denham Way