Camber village voice

Camber Parish Council on 17 April. After the usual invitation to the public from the Chair Anne Young to ask their questions a question was raised. Anne responded to the questioner explaining that questions could only be asked about items on the agenda and that they had preferably to be written in advance, given to the Councillors so that they could be put on the agenda and gather information needed to answer them at the next Council meeting.

This was new information to most of the members of the public present. Regardless of the Councillors request, some heated debate ensued. Several members pf the public present expressed considerable concern about the responsibilities of the Village Caretaker being reduced consequent to the appointment of an external contractor to mow Johnson’s Field and Jubilee Green. Villagers were used to seeing the Caretaker doing this.

Ann Young informed us that she couldn’t discuss the matter as the Caretakers Union was involved. There were also expressions of concern about the functioning of the Council. It was explained that the time to discuss such concerns was at the Annual Assembly to take place on May 8, at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall. Councillor Tony Piper has resigned his position on the Council, and prior to the private meeting at the end of the public meeting, Terry Hovenden also resigned. Thank you to both of you for your contribution to the village during your terms. Following the open part of the meeting, the agenda items were discussed.Rother Councillor, Nick Ramus spoke about the proposed increase in broadband powerscheduled for 2013, but which may not happen till 2015. He encouraged as many people as possible to become involved and bring pressure to bear to help to ensure that the upgrade happened. He said that Councillor Keith Glazier was more informed than he was and suggested that if there were questions about the matter her would be able to answer them. (He wasn’t present.) He spoke of the on

- going matter of the bins for doggy doings, saying that it was a subject common to almost all of the local villages and that we were not the only ones struggling.He also informed the meeting that pre - planning advise, usually free fro Rother Council would be charged for from May 1, 2012. Housing enquiries are charged at £35 per hour plus VAT and industrial enquiries £48 plus VAT. He thought that villagers would appreciate knowing about the change before they made the call.

Thank you Nick.Items of interest from the agenda included doubts concerning the development of the provision of a community transport scheme to provide lifts to villagers needing to get to doctors and hospital appointments. To mention the dog bins again, some have been donated to be installed along the sea wall between The Suttons and Jury’s Gap, but information needs to be gathered about the cost of emptying and maintaining them before they can be installed. The Council owned lawn mower, now considered inadequate for the purpose of mowing Johnson’s Fie3ld and Jubilee Green is to be sold for £250, expressions of interest to be made to the Parish Councillors. The sale will be advertised in the monthly community newsletter. There was some positive feedback concerning the value of the new newsletter.

Following the village maintenance visit, there will be some agreed work carried out on the children’s play area. There was a declaration of a casual vacancy on the Council following the resignation of Tony Piper. The usual procedure for the appointment of a new Councillor will be put in place. At this point, the Parish Clerk of the Council said that she felt that she would like to clarify her role as she felt that there was some confusion had been evident during the exchanges at the beginning of the meeting.She reiterated that the appropriate time for the public to raise concerns about the functioning of the annual Parish Assembly.

Camber Country went off with a bang. Much praise for the evening included comments from a couple who were here for the weekend, devoted country fans. They said that it was an absolutely great evening and how much they appreciated the efforts of the organisers Terry and Pete and their helpers. They will be going again when they are around for the event.

Rob Cass, the Coastal Officer, reports that there was a large film shoot completed successfully this week. It was a Dickens feature film called, ‘Invisible Woman,’ directed and acted by Ralph Fiennes, the leading lady, Kristen Scott - Thomas. Rob thought that some of the locals might have noticed, they did!

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