Camber village voice

Well, thankfully the rain stopped for a while on Holiday Monday. I say thankfully because one determined senior gentleman in the village (84 actually) has provided me with a heart warming feel good story.

On hearing about the funding needs of a nurse going to Georgia in July to lecture on palliative care, he decided to be proactive. To set the scene; Georgia is a very poor country and isn’t able to offer any funding to speakers. The nurse received an invitation to lecture on the subject at a conference and decided to accept the offer regardless of the strain on her finances because it is possible to start to offer palliative care without any dedicated building or equipment. Our intrepid senior gentleman, who prefers to remain anonymous, registered for a charity walk happening on Holiday Monday and chose the 9 mile option! He walked from Winchelsea to Camber via a coffee shop in Rye.

One can only be impressed with gents ability and determination. He was incredibly thoughtful and sensible in all of his preparation to ensure that he didn’t cause anyone problems by over doing it, and just kept gently putting one foot in front of the other. He actually threw an extra 4 miles just to make sure that no one felt short changed!

Impressive or what? His efforts made a significant impact on the cost of the air fare. What can you say? The power of one, 84 or not.

Sharron Busbridge, is the Chair of Flip Flops Pre - School in Camber and reminds us that the school opens from 9 - 3 during term times and is for children between 2 & 5. Free places are available for three year olds. Pop by the Thomas Longley Hall any time if you are interested, Sam or Leah will answer your questions and you can see round. There is also a Parent & Toddler Group on Thursdays between 10

- 12 during term times, in the Memorial Hall. It costs just £2 per family which includes a healthy snack and crafts. Ring Sharron 07870

586 378, she will tell you more about it. Flip Flops is holding a fun Bingo night on Friday 25th, I’ll give you more details next week, but put it in your diary.

The Residents Association is almost ready for our jubilee celebration, but still needs gazebo’s, please contact Trish, 224 403, or Ann, 222

474 if you can help.

Dan Bevan our Police Community Support Officer reminds you that he is pleased to hear any of your concerns, ring him, 07796 195 639, leave a message if he doesn’t take the call. His email is or follow him on twitter@Rye_Police All continues to happen at Camber Church. Rev Dickie Dengate lead the service on Sunday morning. We had a brilliant visual aid, very appropriate to Dickie, an impressive branch, in flower, off one of his apple trees. It was impressive how effective it was to reinforce what he was trying to get over. Rev Richard Orchard, no pun intended, will do the honours next Sunday morning at 10.30am, there’s a cuppa afterwards.

Please send me any snippets of news, or email me,

Larri Hayhurst. 18b Denham Way.