Camber village voice

It’s Camber Country time again on Friday at 8pm in the Memorial Hall.

Steve Scott’s is providing the music and always there are terrific rolls, a raffle and good company. Pete 225 250 or Terry 226 887 will give you more information if you give them a ring.

Don’t forget that the Camber Extend Group meets on Wednesdays at 12.30pm in the Memorial Hall. This keep fit group is aimed at the over 50’s and suitable for the disabled too. You can be sure you will be comfortable to work at your own level of ability, can stay sitting or join in the odd dance, whatever works for you. Sally the qualified trainer has much experience and a lovely gentle personality, she will guide you very ably. The first session is free so what have you got to loose out on?

Last Tuesday the Camber Parish Council had its Annual Assembly. There were refreshments served before the meeting and a display by DOCS.

There were none of the usual displays from any of the village organisations.Unfortunately Inspector Kate Woolard nor her deputy were not able to attend the Assembly, so there was no police report.

Councillor Keith Glazier wasn’t able to be present so there was no County Council report. Councillor Paul Osbourne reported on District Council matters. He spoke on the repair of pot holes and suggested we went onto the Internet where we would find precise information about how work was progressing and also be able to check if the pot holes we found particularly irritating had been reported. He updated on the National Government response to the Broadband plan recently submitted for consideration and was pleased to inform us that the plans were accepted. There is a complicated sharing of the costs incurred, some funding coming from the National Government, some from the County Council and some from the company that will eventually be awarded the contract. He also spoke about the Hasting to Bexhill link road, pointing out that this project would have a positive effect on the areas around as it would open up land for housing and business. If you would like to have your views noted you can log onto Mark Vanson, sales and marketing director of Ward Homes, gave an update about what was happening on the WhiteSands Development. As I reported on this a couple of weeks ago, I won’t repeat it. A member of the public asked him a question about the consequences of a ditch that had been filled in, causing flooding when it rained. He will investigate the matter as he wasn’t aware of the problem and get back to the Parish Council about it. Councillor Ann Young gave her report as Chair of the Council. She reported on the achievement’s of the Council over the last year which included the completion of the traffic calming measures which had taken 10 years to bring about from the first village demonstration about the problem some 10 years ago. Three local children’s groups have been awarded £50 grants, new notice boards have been installed around the village, the village newsletter has been launched and well received and all lights in the village upgraded to meet EU standards. The financial officer reported that an audit of records identified that certain council procedure’s did not meet legal requirements. This matter has been rectified and the Council is now striving to ensure that they function according to legal requirements. The statutory filing is now completed necessitating the purchase of £1500 office equipment. A fine of £400 was incurred because of the arrears in statutory filing, but an efficient system is now in place and the Council striving to continue to meet its legal obligations. The Council had been awarded an Open Spaces Grant for £2500, but spent £4000 on work in the village. It over spent £700 on machinery but is addressing budgeting in the current year. £6000 was spent on street lighting. During question time the matter of grass cutting being contracted out was raised and it was pointed out that this was done to reduce costs as it was cheaper for a contractor to do it as he had the necessary machinery. A question was raised about the children’s park. When it was refurbished following the vandalism, the equipment was different. In consequence, it was too big for toddlers and too small for older children meaning that it doesn’t meet the needs of either age group. The questioners were asked to fill in the questionnaire attached to the agenda of the meeting, raising the issue, if enough people raise the matter the Council could apply for grants which would be used to remedy the situation. It was suggested by the Chair that a working group of parents might then be formed to consider what would be best to meet the needs of the local children. A question was then raised about the possibility of providing a long term youth worker to support the youngsters in the village. Efforts in this area had failed previously, the problem of a suitable venue continuing to be a sticking point. The idea of starting with an outreach street youth worker was floated as a place to start.

The Chair was also asked to comment on the number of Councillors (4) who had resigned from the Parish Council over the last few months. She commented that now all of the statutory procedures were in place, they should ensure that mistakes do not continue and Councillors clear about what is to be expected.

There is a family service at 10.30am, in the Parish Church this Sunday. This more informal service, with no Holy Communion is ideal for the family, there’s a cuppa and biscuits afterwards.

Don’t forget that you can contact our Police Community Support Officer Dan Bevan if you have any concerns about the village . Ring him on

07796 195 639, leave a message if he doesn’t answer. You can email him, or follow him on twitter@Rye_Police, you can even meet him at 10.30 on Thursday 24 May in the Police Box at the Central Car Park, he makes a good brew!

Please let me have any small news items, either through my letterbox, or by email.

Larri Hayhurst, 18b Denham Way