Camber village voice

I need to start by making an apology to Councillors Paul Osbourne and Keith Glazier as I muddled them both up at the Camber Annual Assembly recently.

Paul was not present, it was Keith who gave the report I attributed to Paul. I do apologise to them both. I need also to apologise to the Parish Council for errors in some of the figures I quoted, the new Chair of Camber Council, Pat Brazier, has clarified the financial details. I feel it best for me to quote her as she has also included details that I did not, and she considers these details important. The Financial Officer reported that the Office expenses budget was £1,800.00 of which £1,733.00 was spent on a lap top for the Clerks use. The Council had not been awarded an Open Spaces Grant for £2,500.00. The budget was set at £2,500.00 which was overspent by £1,456.00. Approximately £700.00 had been spent on repairs and upkeep of machinery for grass cutting. £5,680.00 had been spent on maintenance of and utility bills for street lighting plus an additional amount £8,448.00 to upgrade lights to European standards.

Three local children’s groups were awarded grants of between £150 to £160. During the Chair’s report, she stated that the Council had discovered that many of the statutory policies and procedures were not in place. The Council had spent the past year reviewing all processes and procedures which had proved difficult as much of the information was missing. However, although the review was still on going it was hoped that with the help of the temporary clerk and RFO this would soon be completed. Councillor Brazier tells me that the Parish Council will send a precis of the Council minutes to me in future to ensure that I have it right. My thanks to them, I work hard to report factually in the Village Voice, clearly this time the figures got the better of me.

We are rapidly approaching the Jubilee weekend, it takes place on Saturday 9 June, between 12noon and 4pm on Jubilee Green. It will be a time for all the family to enjoy. The Resident’s Association is still looking for gazebo’s so it’s not too late to offer them one. You can contact Ann, 222 474 or Trish 224 403 if you can help. 586 378 Flip Flops Pre - School is holding a Jubilee event in the Thomas Longley Hall from 12.30 - 2 - 30pm on 1 June. There will be a cake stall, raffle, bouncy castle and teddy bears picnic. If anyone can donate cakes and raffle prizes they would be very pleased. Ring Sharon 07870 The Patient Participation Group at Ferry Road Health Centre have asked me to let you know that on Monday 11 June between 2 - 4pm at the surgery there will be a tea party in aid of Marie Curie Caner Care.

Everyone is most welcome.

Also on 11June at 7.30pm the Memorial Hall Committee has its AGM.

Terry Hovenden and the organising committee would appreciate your support. They do a great job keeping the hall spick and span and available to us to use for the many activities that go on there. Thank you to all of you and especially Terry who works hard looking after it.

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday when which is a celebration of the birth of the church. Rev Richard will take the service in Camber Chruch, it will be a time of celebration. The service starts at 10.30pm and there’s a cuppa afterwards.

Dan Bevan reminds you of his contact details, 07796 195 639, or twitter@Rye_Police I am interested in good news items from round the village, drop a note through my door or email me,

Larri Hayhurst, 18b Denham Way