Camber village voice

Well, the news of the week has to be the Jubilee Fete which took place on Saturday.

With the absolutely ghastly weather the day before, there was a bit of nail biting going on. It has to be said however, that there was never a sceric of doubt in the organisers minds that it wouldn’t go ahead! Camber Resident’s Association had put so much work into the preparation and all the bookings were made, so it simply had to happen! Work on the day started at 7am, mercifully the wind had settled and there was no rain. A group of about ten helpers worked together hard and long to get the framework of the Jubilee Field in place. The gazebo’s were very much needed and bless the men who did the hard work of putting the jigsaw pieces together. Some of the women also made a determined contribution. There was much mutual support when mischievous gusts of wind threatened to send one or other of them off into space! All good fun. Cups of tea oiled the process and kept spirits lifted. Ann Young and Trish Lock did an impressive job of coordinating the willing band and gradually as the morning progressed the field took shape. Lots of people came and went as the afternoon went on in spite of increasing wind. A couple of the gazebo’s needed to be taken down, one looked in a pretty terminal condition to me, the force of the wind actually bent a couple of the metal arms. Dan the Police Community Support Officer did a great job putting his considerable height to good use hanging onto gazebo’s about to lift off like kites. Many raffle tickets were sold by Bobby and her team.

There was a great trade in books, enthusiastic children tried to splat the rat, the stocks proved an attraction and one family couldn’t stop winning coconuts, 7 in all. Sharon kept all that under control. Marge had made an impressive array of knitted crafts which went well, and Linda was popping corn to her hearts content. Leigh and Chris sold some lovely plants, backed up by their considerable knowledge of what to expect of them when they were put in the garden. Jean and Annabelle were kept on their toes by a roaring trade in tea and coffee, and just the smell of the hog roast was plain irresistible. There was an admirable display of delicious cakes available for sale too.

Throughout the afternoon, two very placid and patient donkey’s gave children rides, they just kept plodding on! Lily Neal was crowned Queen of Camber, congratulations Lily. Towards the end of the afternoon, a belly dancer entertained us very capably. My how skilled she was and she looked very exotic in her regalia. The camera’s went wild during her performance. Trish Lock says a great big thank you to all who helped, there weren’t many and the majority senior citz, but they were a formidable team who pulled off something impressive for the village.

During the fete a Coastguard vehicle went flying up the road with its sirens blaring. Rob Cass the Coastal Officer tells me that it was because a kite surfer’s kite shaft had broken and he needed help. He managed to get back onto the beach unaided though. One can only imagine the force of the wind to snap a shaft. Generally speaking the appalling weather has kept people off the beach so there is no other news from that quarter.

There is a family service this Sunday at the Parish Church at 10.30am.

This is a more relaxed and informal service right up the children’s street, it will be taken by Rev Richard. Something good is happening to the music in church, go along and see, or should I say, hear? If you have time there’s a cuppa afterwards.

The Extend Exercise Group has received some funding from a surprising source. Jenny and Graham Peasley, residents of Camber now running the Rye Bay Cafe, have been most creative in identifying a way to support the Extend Group. In response to the requests they get from visitors not using the cafe but wanting to use the loo, they decided they would strategically place a contribution box, and ask for a donation from desperate people to go towards a local charity, Extend. Brilliant idea. Big thank you’s all round.

Tuesday 19 June at 7.30pm id the Camber Parish Council meeting in the Memorial Hall.

Saturday 16 June is Camber Country.Detour are providing the entertainment. The evening starts at 8 and goes on till 11. Its a BYO gathering, but the rolls are legendary. Contact Terry 226 887, or Pete

225 250 for more information.

Dan Bevan our Police Community Support Officer is always pleased to hear of your concerns, 07796 195 639, leave a message if he doesn’t take the call. You can e mail. him, always ring 999 in an emergency, but for non - urgent crimes or incidents call 0845 60 70 999 or email

I’m still looking for good news items however small. You can email me, or drop me a line, 18b Denham Way.

Larri Hayhurst, 18b Denham Way