Camber village voice

I would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Larri for the fantastic work she has done writing the voice over the last three years,

I realise from my own perspective it will be an extremely hard act to follow.

Last weekend was a busy one in Camber Church on Saturday afternoon, Lisa and Baz Warth had a special service where they

renewed their wedding vows. It was the 10th anniversary of their marriage , the church was nearly full of family and friends and to top it all Rev. Lucy

returned to officiate. It was a beautiful and joyful occasion , with Mia Jackson singing ,Let me feel your love, and Kelly reading a verse from the new testament celebrating the love

that they both had for each other.

Congratulations to both.

On Sunday evening there was the annual Churches Together, songs of praise Rev. Richard lead the celebration and many people from different churches in the Rye area came along

Camber church did us all proud , the refreshments afterwards were definately, a cut above.

A new group has started linking with our church, Its a music group for all ages , children welcome, It meets at Jean and Malcolm Pickerings home , 51 Lydd Road at 6pm on Tuesdays. If you are interested and feel enthused please go along, dont let your skill level deter you. Bring any instruments. Its all very informal and you can be certain of a warm welcome.

The service next Sunday is at 10.30am , in which Rev Dick Dengate will lead. There is a cuppa afterwards if you have time.

Camber had its own Olympic star, James Smith a local lad aged 12 was a torch bearer for folkestone on Wednesday where he carried the torch on the Sandgate Road to the Westbourne Cons. stretch of its journey to the Olympic stadium in London. James was completely overawed by it all.

James was nominated by Rye College their story is as follows,

James is a highly motivated student who has fully embraced the sporting opportunities here at Rye College. He is a member of the table tennis team and has represented the school at a variety of tournaments. He attends every after school practice match of basketball , football, and table tennis and he always gives 100% not only in his own training but also in supporting other students to achieve their potential. He regularly attends a swimming and life - saving club outside of school and has been involved in martial art classes as well. James is a torch bearer for students who are passionate and dedicated to sports at our college - he represents what a determined student can achieve. James wholeheartedly represents the Rye College ethos and values and we would be honoured for him to represent his school on this momentous occasion on 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

Flipflops, Now closed for summer - Reopen 10th September- they are open term time only 9-3 usually Monday through to Friday but because of the lack of children they are only opening , Mon Wed, Fri when they return in September, but hoping to up their numbers and return to daily classes as soon as possible.for further information call Sam Telephone 07749857060

Memorial Hall . Terry and the hall committee would like to thank Camber Residents Association for their donation of £50 towards the electricity and restocking of the wash room facilities following the fete held on Jubilee Green.

Camber Country , was a great success as usual last Saturday with 72 tickets sold ,with a great performance from Sapphire next Camber Country date is August 18th with Dave Keen. For information call Terry on 01797 226887 for all bookings.

Dans Diary

Its been a very busy week for us in Camber, with numerous Caravan breaks locally, and also on the early hours of the morning on Saturday a cycle was stolen from Camber sands leisure, did you see anyone around on a bike at that time? If so get in touch,

Also this week we have had reports of two incidents where dogs have attacked each other, the message is if you must bring your dogs on holiday with you, please keep them under control, and on leads, remember the dog control areas on the beach, and that some dogs sometimes just wont tolerate others, please be careful, also bear in mind the hot weather, and shade and water for your dogs,

Also this week a vehicle travelling near broomhill, left the road after taking avoidance of a badger and ended up in a field, a very lucky escape!!, and as you may have noticed the hot weather has arrived, as well as half term for the schools, Op Radcott which is the summer police response for Camber Sands has started and since Saturday it has already proved worth it, with over 18 missing / found children re-united, 16 parking tickets issued, as well as first aid incidents, and other related occurrences, the police box at the central car park is staffed 10-18pm 7 days a week now until September, and as well as this Rye police are grasping the use of social networking and using twitter, if you tweet, follow us using @rye_police or follow our camber tweets with #’CamberBeach, we are very approachable so come and say hi, you should be able to spot us in our luminous yellow baseball caps!

Dans contact details - tel. 07996 195 639 leave a message if he is unable to reply. His email is or you can tweet him on twitter.

I will be happy to receive any local news , anything interesting at all, either email me or post a note through my letterbox at my address.

Chris Avery, 35 Denham Way