Camber village voice

There was a sad little farewell at the church last Sunday Sylvia Boiling had attended her last service,as she and her family are leaving the village.

Sylvia contributed significantly to the church over the 10 years that she was part of it, It has to be said her ability with flowers is breathtaking ! She will be really missed.

Rev Kay came back again and led the communion in her quiet and thought provoking style last Sunday.It will probably be the last service for a while with numbers swelled by holiday makers.

They have been very welcome addition to the regulars from Camber. The position of Vicar is being advertised again during September and their is a sense of anticipation about who might be the next Vicar.

Next Sunday is a family service and Bill Parfitt will be the speaker and the leader. There will be no communion service.Bill has been doing a good job with his talks during the family services over the months. He puts a lot of time and effort into them.


I was walking along the sea wall on Saturday towards Broomham carpark when some young persons were on the beach attempting to fly a power kite they were losing the struggle as it descended through lack of wind, the kite was subsequently flying over the Lydd road and the lines were stretched just a few metres from a family with young children. Although the kite was eventually landed it could have caused extreme injuries thankfully no one was injured this time.This is a sport that should not be contemplated at high tide or in the close vicinity of other persons.

I would like to remind you that the monthly Camber Parish Council will hold their meeting on the !8th September after their summer break. So please go along and have your say ! The meeting commences at 7.30pm and is held at the Camber Memorial Hall.

I think we all know about the dreadful fire that destroyed the house on the Suttons a few weeks ago.We would like to say to Tracey Cowan how sorry we are that this terrible thing has happened to their dream home, I know they have been offered a lot of support from our community and speak of the kindness shown at this traumatic time.We,d like to say to the Cowan family that we feel for them. and truly hope that they can start to build their lives again in our community.

Larri Hayhurst

I am sure that some of you do know who Larri is and what her role is, as many know she was my predessor on the Voice but I think it important to let the community know the very important, and unselfish work that she does in our Village as well as in the wider community.

Larri Hayhurst is the village Parish Nurse. She is a Registered Nurse who works for the church. She is not attached to the NHS and doesn’t do work that they do. This means that she doesn’t work clinically but from a holistic perspective, there are many other aspects of caring that can be helpful. Some of the things she can do include referral to appropriate agencies, listening to what you have to say with a view to problem solving, providing information, being alongside family carers in their homes, supporting the bereaved and enabling older people to maintain their independence and mobility. There may well be other things too. Her work is strictly confidential. Although she works for the church there are no strings attached when she comes to see you and there is no money involved. The church is offering this service to the community through Larri. You can contact her on 07858 449 360 preferably in office hours. She is always willing to listen and together you decide whether you think that she can make a useful contribution to your situation. She will tell you if she doesn’t have the expertise in the area that you need support. You can’t get hold of her between 21st September - 15th October as she will be away. Another thing that Larri does is is travel to third world and re structuring countries lecturing in Palliative Care, (care of the dying) she’s a qualified nurse lecturer. The trips are short and this one takes her to Armenia where she is the nurse on the team with two palliative care Consultants.

It is also very important to know that the work that Larri does is strictly voluntary.

I am sure most of us agree that are very fortunate and privlledged to have her both, being part of , and serving our community.

Dans Diary

Its been a busy week this week at Camber, with lots going on, We have been on duty in Camber covering the beach, as well as the village too, you may have noticed officers out on police mountain bikes as well as foot patrol issuing parking tickets to illegally parked vehicles around camber, and dealing with other vehicle related issues such as tax offences and anti-social riding of motorbikes, As you may have seen in last weeks observer, the fire in the Suttons destroyed the front part of a lovely property belobging to a local family, I have been working with the family over the past week, to offer them as much support as possible at this time, I am aware that other very caring people and businesses have offered their support too, which I know the family are very grateful for.

You may have noticed lots of police cars in the village on saturday afternoon, and lots of activity, it was a busy day with police responding to various calls in the village, from dogs trapped in hot cars, urgent first aids in the village and on the beach, illegal Campers in the village, as well as an incident with a male who had consumed to much alcohol whilst with his children, over 40 cars where given parking tickets in Camber, it just shows the varied jobs we do in the village of Camber, Well as im sure you know, Op Radcott the name given to the policing operation for Camber in the Summer ended on Sunday, but this doesnt mean the police won’t be in the village, Myself, PC Collins and my other Rye colleagues will still be around, and remember you can still contact me on or 07796195639 or via twitter using Rye_police and #CamberBeach #Camber im very approachable, and will happily make an appointment to come and see you to discuss an issues you may have, please remember that if you need to report anything please call 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Please if you have any other items of news contact me on on Twitter cj_avery@camber village voice

or you can always drop a note through my letter box if you prefer

Chris Avery, 35 Denham Way