Campaign for school speed limit hots up

A CHILD will get killed if something is not done - that is the message from children at Playden Primary School.

Pupils are leading the fight to get a speed reduction outside the school and they plan to take their campaign to the top.

They have already won the support of Rye MP Amber Rudd and Labour candidate Sarah Owen and last week gained unanimous support from the Parish Council after putting their case at a meeting.

Rye area police community support officer Dan Bevan is backing the campaign and helped the children make a video showing the dangers.

Dan said: “It really is vital that we get something done. I can’t think of one other school in the area that has not got a speed limit outside, yet Playden School is on a busy lane with a national speed limit.”

Children arrived at the council meeting with their parents and presented a petition for a 20mph speed limit at Houghton Green Lane in the vicinity of the school. The current speed limit is 60mph.

Dan Bevan said: “They showed a lot of courage and passion in their presentation to councillors.”

Izzy, a pupil at the school, said: “My little sister is in school and I don’t want her to be killed.”

Alina said: “What is the point of our teachers keeping us safe all day and teaching us about road safety, if, the moment we leave school we could be squashed by speeding cars?”

Lucy said: “It is very hard to cross the road because we can’t see round the corner at school.”

Councillors applauded the children after a screening of the video in which children acted out various scenarios to demonstrate the potential for accidents.

The council voted unanimously to support them in their efforts.

It is East Sussex County Council which has the power to lower the limit.

Prospective parliamentary candidate Sarah Owen said: “To be honest I can’t believe the speed limit outside the school isn’t already 20mph.

“Let’s call a halt to dangerous fast traffic near all our schools now.”

School Head John Greenway said: “We recently held a giant walking bus event and Year 6 pupils have been taking part in cycle proficiency training in the lane.”