Catflap solves problem for unwanted Northiam pup

Pickle dog
Pickle dog

STRAY terrier Pickle was facing a tough job to find a new home but a squirrel and catflap came to her rescue.

Pickle was taken in by Northiam’s Blue Cross animal sanctuary but they were finding it hard to re-home the puppy as she was impossible to house train.

Pickle was just two months old and in a sorry state when she was brought to the centre with a chronic skin condition that caused chunks of her fur to fall out. After intensive treatment her skin problem cleared up, but the adorable puppy was sadly still being overlooked by potential new owners.

Worried for her future, staff at the centre asked volunteer fosterer carer, Lesley Davies, to look after Pickle at home to see if she could help. Lesley soon realised that the worried little dog was suffering from ‘stage fright’,

Lesley explained: “One day Pickle saw a squirrel on the other side of the cat flap and she was out like a shot.

“That’s what gave us the idea to teach her to use the cat flap – we’d noticed that she didn’t like to perform in front of people so, with the aid of some tasty treats, she was soon happily popping in and out of the cat flap whenever she needed to go and that was it – she’s been as clean as a whistle ever since.”

Now Pickle has a loving new home with Julian and Erica Britton, from Winchelsea Beach. Erica said: ““She pops in and out of the dog flap whenever she needs to and is very happy. She is well settled and we just love her.”