Jill Jarrett, Henley Down Cottage

A big thank you to Ann Davey, who kindly rescued me when my computer ‘died’ on me the other day and wrote last week’s Village Voice and she has also written a large contribution this week.

The WI meeting on Thursday was the occasion when members shared mementoes, photographs and memories of their childhood and schooldays. Nuns, knickers and naughtiness featured in several memories, a toddler’s dress, school hats, a bag of essentials for boarding school life and an old school uniform were some of the exhibits. There was quite a shock to find that some had school photographs in colour! Great trips across the seas, a six month old infant being sent back to England from a colonial life in Nigeria and some 90 years ago one of our members accompanied her mother on a trading ship to South America. There were also tales of war-time evacuations, constant changing of schools and sometimes quite harsh conditions. All these tales were told with no bitterness, lots of laughter and the afternoon was yet another occasion when we grew to know more about each other and become greater friends.

The football season has started now with mixed results for our two teams. The first team in Division 2 lost to Little Chelsea (an Eastbourne team) 6 1, but the seconds starting their season in Division 6 beat Robertsbridge Utd II at home 2 1.

On a more gentle sporting note, please sponsor any WI member you come across in their walk along Bexhill Seafront in aid of our charity Demelza Children’s Hospice on Tuesday 17th September. Sarah Reed is organising the event and she hopes there will be no casualties or fouls.