It was announced in church last Sunday that the St Laurence Church Choir, augmented by singers from Crowhurst and Telham, had been entered in the class for Church Choirs in the Hastings Music Festival and had done incredibly well by coming second in their class. Congratulations to them all and choirmaster Bob Andrew. This Sunday, 30th March is Mothering Sunday and there will be a Family Communion held at St Laurence’s Church at 9.15am, when the children will be distributing posies of flowers to their mothers and all the ladies in the congregation. There will also be a parade of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and coffee will be served after the service.

Next month’s WI meeting on Thursday next, 3rd April will start at the later time of 2.30pm. It’s the grand occasion of Catsfield WI’s 96th birthday party and friends and guests are welcome to join the members for this special occasion. There will be an entertainment of songs and poetry from John Cave and the teas will be served by the committee.

Thanks to Mike Cooper for the following report on the recent fundraising event for the church of St Laurence.

A select group of twenty adults and children met in the Village Hall last Saturday to participate in St. Laurence’s Beetle Drive. A game for all ages, which entails furiously throwing a die to ensure you can draw your fourteen part beetle before the other couple on your table. It was interesting to note that the adults were just as likely as the children to hurl the die across as the room instead of onto the table. One of the rules is that the winning team must shout ‘beetle’ to stop the other contestants, this was quite restrained at the outset but grew more in volume as the evening progressed.

The trickiest part of the proceedings is that the winning pair must separate and move clockwise and widdershins round the room at the end of each game, whilst one of the losers moves one place round their table. This was achieved eventually under the guidance of the master of ceremonies, Mike Cooper and so the event progressed. A total of sixteen games were played, with a much needed break for refreshments and raffle halfway through. Finally the prizes were awarded and thanks given to Sandra & Richard Shoobridge and Mike & Rosemary Cooper for setting up the whole affair. Just over £92 were raised for St. Laurence’s but more importantly the adults and children had a most entertaining time playing and chatting together on an equal footing.

Thanks to our sports correspondent, Ann Davey for the following good news-

Both our football teams won on Saturday, the firsts beat Tackleway 3 - 1 with Andy Atkin scoring one goal, Harry Atkins getting another and secretary Colin White successfully taking one penalty, although it is probably best not to mention his other one. The seconds won at home 2 - 1 and both teams seem to be heading for the sort of revival David Moyes is counting on. Tomorrow the first team is away in the semifinal of the Hastings Junior Cup versus Old Hastonians and the seconds are away at Sandhurst.

Meanwhile congratulations are due to mother and daughter Jackie and Lucie Gurr for completing the Hastings Half Marathon, together with Simon Richardson and several other village representatives. Well done all of you!

The Catsfield Horticultural Society’s Spring Show takes place on Saturday 12th April from 2pm – 4pm in the Village Hall, entrance 50p and children free. Schedules are available in the Village Stores, Maureen’s and from David Wilson and there’s still time to get planning your entries in the Cookery, Decorative and Handicraft classes. The garden flower entries will be very much dependant on the weather nearer the time, but it would be good to see the hall filled with tables full of colour again. The Children’s Classes are always a source of delight but sadly, not always filled to capacity, so come on Mums and Dads, encourage your children to ‘have a go’! There are some good classes, offering plenty of opportunity to let your imagination run wild and you don’t have to be an expert to stand a really good chance of winning a prize! There will also be a Raffle, Plant Stall, a Cake Stall and teas will be served.

Jill Jarrett, Henley Down Cottage