The Bishop of Lewes: Catsfield welcomes Richard, Bishop of Lewes to the Village Hall tomorrow, Saturday 31st January from 10am – 2pm when he comes to talk about how Christians should approach the Old Testament. Many people from the parishes of Catsfield and Crowhurst have put their names down to attend what promises to be a most interesting meeting. It is open to all and if you would like to come too, I’m sure that Father Michael could fit you in if you call him on 892988.

Mobile Library: The new schedule for the visits to Catsfield of the Mobile Library have just reached me, too late I’m afraid to tell you that it was expected last week. Big changes have been made to the day and times that it will be here, parked in its usual place outside the Village Hall. It will now come to the village on Fridays at the new time of 11.55am – 12.30pm. There will only one visit in February, which will be on Friday 13th and then three weeks later, on Friday 6th March.

Catsfield 100 Club: At the recent meeting of the Village Hall Committee, it was announced that all membership renewals for the 100 Club have been paid and the two spare numbers have been taken. This means that after paying all the monthly prizes of £25 and the three special draws for the £100 prizes during the year plus expenses, there will be a good sum remaining to help with the maintenance of our Village Hall. Thanks go to Victoria for all her hard work in making the 100 Club membership such a success.

Treasurer: At the same Village Hall meeting, the committee gave a huge vote of thanks to Thora, who is retiring as treasurer after five years hard work keeping the accounts in excellent order. Her presence at the meetings will be much missed and her help and advice to the new treasurer will be greatly appreciated in the future. A date for your diaries – the AGM of the Village Hall will be held on Monday 9th March at 7.30pm with drinks and nibbles to follow.

Sport: What do village footballers do on Saturday afternoons when the match is cancelled yet again due to a wet pitch? Well, it’s not so bad before Christmas when they can join their families disconsolately trailing around pretending to be interested in Christmas shopping, but January? Well, you can spend some time Saturday morning trying to find a professional local team to watch, but Brighton was involved in the FA cup on Sunday and other grounds were full. So, somehow the time passed and then there was the unexpected pleasure of watching top Premier League teams being out-played by lower division teams with far more energy and commitment. Catsfield hope to be playing Crowhurst at home tomorrow kick off 2 pm when we hope normal life will be resumed.

Jill Jarrett

Broadview, Bexhill