A Reminder: The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place in the parish church of St Laurence at 7.30pm on Monday 27th April.

VE Day Dinner

The fundraisers of the church are holding a dinner to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe. This will be a three course meal with a menu of the time, held in the Village Hall on Saturday 9th May at 7.30pm. VE Day dress is optional. Tickets priced £10 each are limited and are only available from Sandra Shoobridge on 01424 774708.

Coffee Morning: The coffee morning was a very pleasant two hours with people enjoying a cup of REAL coffee (something that seemed to go down very well) and homemade cakes. People generously bought raffle tickets, cakes and bread as well as picking up some real bargains on the craft stall. The organisers were delighted with the £280 that was raised by the event to help boost the funds for St Laurence’s Church.

Sports News: Sporting news from the village has dwindled to almost nothing this week. The footballers are basking in last week’s win and no doubt spent Saturday afternoon cleaning their boots, darning the socks and generally preparing for September when it all starts again! Keith and Mike rolled the whole of the Playing Field over the weekend, even though it was rather hard and dry, it did do some good. A heavier roller is promised if it rains again, which would be even more effective. Some visitors to the Field are under the impression it is a public park, but it is a Playing Field and should be treated as such, i.e. the surfaces should be treated with some respect as a lot of voluntary work is undertaken to enable games to be played. During the summer you will probably see other teams using the cricket pitch, this is to generate income for the Parish Council to defray the costs of keeping the grounds and pavilion in a reasonable state

Jill Jarrett

Broadview, Bexhill