Catsfield village voice

The Catsfield WI annual garden meeting will be held at Bridge House, Powdermill lane on Thursday 23rd August at 2.30pm.

Whatever the weather, we will enjoy a good tea and a get together. If you need a lift, please contact one of the Committee members.

No draw for Catsfield Cricket Club this week, but a win against Chailey away; (watch out for the gold painted letter box in Henley Down)! With only ten-man team, Catsfield lost the toss and in a limited over format, restricted Chailey to 143 for 6, James Wilson ended his spell with figures of 2 for 19, Derek Fuller 2 for 33 and Sanjay Sharma 1 for 18. Keith Cook and Nigel Champion took to the track with a second wicket partnership of 76, James Wilson got 17. Spurred on by mention of his son Nick last week, Captain Martin Gurr sealed the win with 17 in four balls. There was no closing ceremony, but the flag has been handed to Newenden, where we play on Sunday . Remember, Team Catsfield it’s a 2pm start to allow time for crossing the border into Kent.

Our local farmers have enjoyed a few days of good weather and if you hear a mewing sound in the sky over the village, look up and you will see one of the buzzards hunting in the cut fields. It’s rather early to say, but apart from field beans, which haven’t produced as many pods this year, the corn harvest is looking good.

The Mobile Library will be parked outside the Catsfield Village Hall tomorrow, Saturday from 4.15pm – 4.45pm.

Jil Jarrett, Henley Down Cottage