Chance to shape the future of Rye

Rye residents are being urged to have their say on how the town goes forward in the future.

This weekend is the last chance to respond to the Rye neighbourhood Plan Survey which was sent out to every home.

The Neighbourhood Plan steering group sent out 3,000 forms. Over 2,000 went to dwellings; 400 to businesses/schools, and around 20 to adjacent parishes and organisations in adjacent parishes.

So far around 200 have been returned.

The Plan will strongly influence the level, type and location of building development up to 2028 and will identify future strategic priorities for the parish.

Rye Mayor Bernardine Fiddimore is reminding people that there will be a prize draw in September of all those forms submitted for two prize of £100 and £50.

Steering group vice-chairman Colonel Anthony Kimber said: “This is a golden opportunity for those who live, work and study in Rye to have a say about the future development in Rye. This is your Town your choice.”

Other areas covered by the survey include flood risk, business and employment, transport management and accessibility and the environment.

Cllr Fiddimore said: “It is a way for communities to influence the future of where they live, work and study.

More forms are available at key places such as the Town Hall and Library or online at .

Forms can be handed back at the Tilling Green Stores, Rye College, Town Hall and Library.